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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Almost Turkey Time...

I haven't had a chance to write much lately, been feeling a bit under the weather. I have had a cold for the last week and an awful cough that comes from the tips of my toes. I guess I'm lucky because I have avoided a cold for a couple of years now. I have managed to keep up with order for the gift shop on Fort Drum and keep designing new patterns. You can see some unit ornaments I made, very primitive!!
Also, see two of my new punch needle patterns, 1830 Floral and Lovebirds. I'm really kind of waiting till the new year to unveil them, although they will be available for purchase at and if I get to them sooner of course I'll add them to my website. I can't wait to punch both of them and Mom is anxious to hook them.
We are in a tailspin today as we get ready for our hookers to come, which is always a nice afternoon, but we leave tomorrow for a week long cruise. So, in the middle of cleaning (for the housesitter and hookers) and packing and putting together patterns, there is never a dull moment. At first I worried that this was the wrong time of year to be taking off, but, as I sit here, I am really looking forward to some serious down time. I plan to sit with a fruity cocktail and people watch. Really, is there anything better?
So, a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you all. I am thankful that my husband is home this year and we are all healthy (except for the stray cough here and there). I wish you and yours all the best and hope to have all kinds of funny vacation photos to share when I get back.
Until next time.....


Courtney said...

I'm glad your hubby is home with you too. Give him a big, old thank you from me for his service! A cruise sounds blissful! You deserve it! Love the patterns! Feel better!!

Linda said...

Have a wonderful time! The ornaments are beautiful!

Design Ideas said...

Excellent design. I'll be back when it is done. Nice blog too!

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