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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Well, I'm trying to be better about writing, but sometimes it doesn't always work. I'll be sitting here and think, "hmm, when was the last time I was on my blog". Add to that that my college age son convinced me that his professor told him, "if you have a business you have to have a facebook page". Ugh, I have been fighting facebook since it started. All my friends have been trying to get me to join in, but I have avoided it............until now. My son created a facebook and twitter account for my business. One of them is theoldtatteredflag and one is just simply oldtatteredflag and to be honest with you, at this point I can remember. And, it seems that with your twitter you just snap a picture with your phone and type a line. (wow, I sound old) Geez, I can barely keep up with my website and blog and now I have to think about facebook and twitter? Well, I'll try but who knows. Anyway if you are a facebook or twitter junkie, give me a lookup. I promise I'll try to be better about updating.

Right now I am in the middle of filling a big order of punch needle patterns, that is the picture you see. I am covering my table with the order. 275 patterns to hand draw. But, I will say, it's very relaxing to sit and draw, just time consuming. I'm almost done which is good, because when I sit and draw I get all these ideas for new patterns, so I'm dying to either paint or sketch. I get bored with one thing easily, so it's a good thing I have so many avenues in my business to explore, hooked, punched, stitching, painting.

On a different note, I went to my sons docu-play last night called "in our shoes". A playright asked 7 military kids random questions and then put it into a script of their own words and they performed it last night. It was very open, truthful and insightful. I think military families have been on autopilot since 9/11 and just go about their everyday lives, coping the best they can. Most of these kids were between 5 and 9 when 9/11 occured, so they can't really remember any other way of life in the military. I was so proud of my son to hear the "strength" in his voice. Most of the other kids talked openly about their feelings of worry and other difficulties in everyday life, but my son did not. I asked him about this afterwards and he just said, "mom, we've done it so much now (deployments) that you just get use to it". I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. He mentioned that our family deals with things with humor and I worry, as a mom that perhaps we don't address issues as we should, but then on the other hand, I've been told I am blunt and don't really have a filter, so I can't imagine keeping things in, and neither of my sons are shy, not by a longshot, so I really don't think any of us keep anything in. I think it's just like he said, "we just do it". I don't know where I'm going with this. If any of you are military folks I'd love your perspective on it, or even if you are not.

Until next time........

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Amy Francis said...

Hey, Julie - just received this big order from you - thank you SO much for your dedication. Your punchneedle patterns are our VERY favorite here at and we can't thank you enough for taking the hours and hours it must have required to make all these for us. You should know better than to email me and say "Hey, would you like any of these?" ROFL! We always get all giddy when we're waiting on your order to arrive. I know it's labor-intensive, but we're addicted to your work and sell so many of your punchneedle patterns. They are our VERY favorite to make samples of - that's why we always order one extra of each pattern! Many hugs and thank yous - Amy

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