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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is on it's way........

Well, I haven't written in awhile. Somehow the time in the day just gets away from me. There is a definate change in the weather and it's almost like you are reborn. The sun shines more now and the birds are out in yard just chirping away. My newest dog Baxter loves to sit on the back stoop watching them and then he quietly creeps up on them. He is convinced that one day he is going to catch one. Yesterday I took him out meet the chickens. I think he was shocked at how big "those birds" were. So, with the nice weather comes the knowledge that we are going to be outside in the yard more which leaves less time for "creating". There's always a bad with the good eh? I'm not complaining at all because summer up here is the best. I think when you live in an area where the winters are so harsh it really makes you truly appreciate the warmth and beauty of summer. Mom has been planting veggie and flower seeds to get them started. There are seed boxes near every window!
So, about the pictures. The Tangled Sunflowers is one of my newest patterns and is very popular. Mom just finished hooking it and the colors she chose are absolutely stunning. I have also finished it as a penny rug. The next photo is of my "Are Ewe Patriotic" design in punch needle form. I also have it as a painting and mom is currently hooking a huge, 24 x 36 inch version of it. It is a favorite of mine!! Then, of course Baxter. He is just so darn cute it's hard not to snap photos of him. As you can tell, our dogs have the run of the place.

So, I hope to write more often. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the changing weather....Until next time.......

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Courtney said...

You and your mom do such beautiful work. I always look forward to seeing new projects from you both. Springtime is pretty wonderful too!

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