The Old Tattered Flag

Sunday, May 6, 2018

My favorite day...

As I've mentioned before, I love Sundays.  It's the day of the week that you don't really have any pressure to do anything but then again, there's a ton of stuff you should be doing.  You wrestle with the fact that you'd like to put your feet up and hook or punch all day, but there is also a long list of things you'd like to do as well.

There's the stuff you want/have to do, especially this time of year.  
Like getting the porch up and running....we have a cement floor on our porch and the last two years we have "stained" it.  I put that in quotes because though it claims to be stain, it's not.  It chips and flakes so we end up having to redo it every year.  We are looking at other alternatives this year such as the new granite grip, or an acid stain.  I'll keep you posted on that.  I have had a love/hate relationship with the power washer over the last few days as we've spend a lot of time on the porch together. 

Then there are the garden beds.  They must be raked, weeded and mulched. (that sure is a big pile of mulch waiting to go in the garden beds)


Lilies of the Valley are starting to pop up.

The herb garden must be planted.   We do herbs, a few tomato plants and a couple rows of lettuce, nothing big, just enough to say we did!

The shop entrance needs to be cleaned and prettied.

...and if you have the energy you might do a little baking....

..and then just when you do take a few minutes to sit and hook you realize that it's time to make dinner.  Here is a design I am hooking.  I found this treasure of an antique rug last year in New Hampshire and have had many requests to make the pattern available so I decided to hook it in a large #10 cut.  I am really loving this one.

Mom has hooked 3 rugs in the last month (the other 2 I have not debuted yet), but this one, oh my.....It is just gorgeous.  It was adapted from an old wooden butter mold.  My Sister hooked this a few years ago and hers is just lovely.  I've been wanting to do that pattern for some time.  Mom outdid herself with the colors for sure.  This design will be up on my punch needle frame next.

 So, as I write this at the end of the day I feel the fatigue of the day settling in.  My hook and that old hearts rug is calling.  I hope you all had a wonderful, creative and busy Sunday.

Until next time....


elaine allerton said...

Love ur porch,,,
After being there for a visit from ontario,, its gorgeous, ,,, lots of work,
Love that new mat,,, carol , you are a hooking machine,,,
What a unique shape,,,, fun,
Thanks for sharing ur sunday,,, lots of spring work,,,

Unknown said...

Is that fabulous pattern availble yet. Happy spring.

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Kath Buffington said...

Hope you’re well. Just found your posts. Please write again! 💕XoXo 💕

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